Space Stations

In our view of the universe, space stations both orbit planets and are located in deep space at key transit points. These large space stations would be used as a transit centers linking various space liners, as manufacturing facilities, as a tourist destination, and would be home to a fairly large population. At the time the Gingezel series starts Nevin Pennell has proposed the first station that will be a true megacity sited above the galactic plane.

Artist's concept of a space station garden. Gingezel science fiction.

In the garden shown above, we are imagining the sort of garden areas that could exist in the larger space stations, and definitely in Nevin's megacity. Any area used to grow food for consumption would also be made into an attractive garden both for the residents and for tourists. At least some would be in low or zero gravity areas, and plants there could be trained into amazing topiary shapes impossible elsewhere.

Space station hydronics columns Gingezel Sci Fi.
This is a more functional part of the hydroponics, with the plumbing, and a transparent wall allowing a view outside.

Manufacture fractal, scifi art by Gingezel
This fractal art is called Manufacture because it looks like it could be part of fruit growing on a space station.

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