Ennup 10

Ennup 10 is the trouble spot in the galaxy. A brutal police state, it has seceded from the being governed by the Interplanetary Judiciary and made it clear that short of a war it will stay that way. The society is very class structured. Most of the population is restricted to highly industrialized cities. The upper class have large estates in the country. The hacker Brys is from one of the lowest classes on Ennup 10. Galactic superstar Mrail, Bojo, with The Anton Band is from the upper class.

Ennup 10 city by Gingezel Science Fiction
The police headquarters in city Brys is from and Bojo’s family estate is near.

Ennup 10 polices state prison in the Gingezel Science fiction series.

Ennup 10 Prison.

Ennup 10 prison in winter. Gingezel Sci Fi.

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