Space, Science and Technology References and Links

What we have collected here are links to the science behind science fiction, and to the groups that are taking space travel outside the realm of science fiction.

General Purpose Sites:
Of course you know that major excellent resource NASA, but there are a number of other interesting sites out there.
1) NASA:

2) Canadian Space Agency:

3) ANS re space (American Nuclear Society)

4)NSS National Space Society

5) Space Tourism Society

6) Commercial Spaceflight Federation

7) Space Foundation


Space Settlement - Living in Space:

2) The classic 1975
Stanford University and NASA Ames Research Center study in full.

3) A classic study on what orbital habitats might really be like by Theodore W. Hall:

4)Canadian Space Agency on eating and diet while weightless

5) Canadian Space Agency on personal hygiene in space

6) Canadian Space Agency on sleeping weightless and without a sense of time

Exercise and Athletics in Space:
1) Article and photos from the Canadian Space Agency

2) Astronaut Sunita Williams doing a space triathlon

3) An interesting article at PCMag where staff tried out the Exercise Equipment Training Facility at Johnson Space Center:,2817,2422096,00.asp

4) From Nasa the experiences of Peggy Whitson

5) From the Canadian Space Agency, without exercise the effect of weightlessness on muscles can be as profound as a 20% loss of muscle mass on a 5 to 11 day mission

6) NASA's great article, Gravity Hurts (So Good)

7) Canadian Space Agency on bone density loss in space

8) NASA Good Diet, Proper Exercise Help Protect Astronauts' Bones

Probabilistic Risk Assessment

Nuclear Reactors in Space
1)An excellent and quite up to date overview from the World Nuclear Association

2) If you want the history, this Princeton paper is good:

3) Current (2013) research at Los Alamos with great photos, graphs, analyses. Patrick McClure and David Poston:

4) A 2013 overview from Ashley Micks at Stanford:

Space Sports in Science Fiction

Intergalactic and Interstellar Medium and Radiation Fields
1) From wikiversity. If you don't know wikiversity it is worth checking out.

2)A very technical paper by T.A. Porter and A.W. Strong

3) From wikipedia

Multiple Universe Theories

1) A summary at with great artwork.

2) More detail at wikipedia

Relativity theory, conservation laws and such
1)Is Energy Conserved in General Relativity? Michael Weiss and John Baez

Just for Fun
1) The XPrize. They keep everyone interested, challenged, dreaming

Suranan artifact art by Gingezel Sci Fi.
Suranan Artifact

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