Gingezel 2: Bad to Worse
Expanded Description

It’s always a mistake to ask what else can go wrong. In the second novel in the epic Gingezel sci fi series Dr. Mitra Kael, Power Systems Engineer, having vowed she would never return to the mining planet Drezvir, is en route to face the consequences of the accident with her reactor. Dr. Durstin Fallor, Chief Power Engineer on the planet, is facing those consequences in a much more real way. He is struggling to keep the colony alive in a red blizzard.

With Mitra’s abrupt departure from her idyllic vacation on the pleasure planet Gingezel she does not manage to get hold of her lover Dreen. This leaves Dreen frantic to find Mitra but he has other problems. His hackers are losing their battle. His VP of Marketing is in for emergency surgery requiring Dreen to return up to H.O. on Tranus. Just as he’s about to leave, musician friend Bojo reveals the truth of his disfiguring ‘accident’ and asks for dangerous help seeking revenge.

Joran desperately wants to help his best friend Dreen and to find Mitra. Unfortunately those aren’t the same thing. He has come out of hiding and reclaimed his position as one of the galaxy’s top pop stars with a poignant love song to Mitra. Still mentally fragile and fighting his drug addiction, no one, including Joran, knows what he will do.

The link between all of these events and characters is Chett Linderson, Nemizcan’s VP of Field Operations. Unfolding events force Chett into a decision. Will he go after his dreams, or tear them up and play the hero?

Science fiction by the Canadian husband and wife scientist author team Donald S. Hall, PhD., and Judi Suni Hall, PhD.

Copper Artifact In The Ruins sci fi art by Gingezel.
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