Gingezel 4: Hacker
The fourth book in the epic Gingezel sci fi series.

Cover Gingezel 4: Hacker science fiction by Judi Suni Hall and Donald S. Hall at Gingezel

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"GREAT FINAL BOOK. I loved this series and will miss all of the wonderful characters, good guys, bad guys and those in between."

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Timing out is final

“We are timing out.” Chett unconsciously borrowed Dreen’s phrase. He gave them the details of Juttar’s call and Dreen’s decision to take full blame to protect Mitra and Nemizcan staff.
“It should work if he lies and says he deliberately withheld the quantum risks from Dellmaice, then misled the design team to think they had been discussed.” Chett didn’t like that at all, but Dreen had said shut up unless he wanted to keep him company in prison.
“But if the Farr Sector Judiciary exercises its right to invoke a death penalty, there’s no way to turn the clock back later when we get smart. Timing out is final.”


You grasp at straws when they are all you have to grasp at. Mechanical causes for the reactor accident on the remote mining planet Drezvir are being eliminated leaving Dreen and Mitra up for manslaughter charges for negligent design. Could the reactor control system have been hacked? The man who could have done it is on Drevzir. Suspicion is not proof and time is running out.

Science fiction by the Canadian husband and wife scientist author team Donald S. Hall, PhD., and Judi Suni Hall, PhD.
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Mitra Kael, heroing in the Gingezel Sci Fi series Dreen Pendi, hero in the Gingezel Sci Fi series. Joran Lantonnel, character in the Gingezel Sci Fi Series.
Ari Dellmaice, a character in the Gingezel Sci Fi series. Chett Linderson, hero in the Gingezel Sci Fi seriesBrys Toleman, hacker in the Gingezel Sci Fi Series
Vennbir Kaladay a character in the Gingezel Scifi series. C.C. Windegren a character in the Gingezel SciFi series
From left to right, top to bottom: Mitra Kael, Dreen Pendi, Joran Lantonnel, Ari Dellmaice, Chett Linderson, Brys Tolleman, Vennbir Kaladay,C.C. Windegren

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