Gingezel 3: Fault
The third book in the epic Gingezel sci fi series.

Cover of Gingezel 3: Fault a science fiction novel by Gingezel

Five * Review at Barnes and Noble:
"EXCELLENT: This series is so riveting that I find myself getting less and less sleep every night. So many well meshed story lines that are all weaved together perfectly. The end of this book really snuck up on me. Thank goodness I already have book four."

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“Where the hell is Azlo? That man is roughly at the bottom of my popularity list right now.”

“Good morning, Dreen. What are you working on?”
“Thinking about the most likely place for quantum effects to have corrupted a parameter. I can define what kind of corruption would go undetected, and what we and the vendor were doing in the area that could possibly have caused grief, but it will take Tina to tell us if it really could have happened.” He raised an inquiring eyebrow at Tranngol. “Any better idea when she’ll get here?”
“No. Thanks for reminding me though. I should try Andrai again.”
“You can save yourself the trouble.” Mitra was looking past Tranngol to the door at the far end of the shed.
“She’s here, and just offhand I’d say she’s not in a good mood.”
Tranngol turned, and Dreen stood up. Crossing the floor at a good pace was a fortyish woman with crisply curled black hair, pale skin, blue eyes, regular features, and a mouth that definitely was not smiling. It was a good thing no small animals were in her route to be kicked. Following in her wake, saying something, and looking more perturbed than any of them would have thought possible was Olan Rostin. Tina saw the group and headed for them.
“Mitra, Dreen, Tranngol.” She favored all of them with a brief nod, then focused on Tranngol.
“Where the hell is Azlo? That man is roughly at the bottom of my popularity list right now.”

How do you prove your complex system did not cause a deadly reactor accident? Mitra, Dreen, and a team of risk analysts are on Drezvir to find the cause. Ari is out to save himself. With hacker help Chett has vowed to destroy Ari. Joran is poised to return as galactic superstar. Are Dreen and Mitra together at last? That is challenged when terraformer C.C. appears with a secret from Dreen’s past, and a few of his own.

Science fiction by the Canadian husband and wife scientist author team Donald S. Hall, PhD., and Judi Suni Hall, PhD.
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ISBN 9781476027067 (Digital Version)
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Words 162636

Mitra Kael, heroing in the Gingezel Sci Fi series Dreen Pendi, hero in the Gingezel Sci Fi series. Joran Lantonnel, character in the Gingezel Sci Fi Series.
Ari Dellmaice, a character in the Gingezel Sci Fi series. Chett Linderson, hero in the Gingezel Sci Fi series Brys Toleman, hacker in the Gingezel Sci Fi Series
Vennbir Kaladay a character in the Gingezel Scifi series. C.C. Windegren a character in the Gingezel SciFi series
From left to right, top to bottom: Mitra Kael, Dreen Pendi, Joran Lantonnel, Ari Dellmaice, Chett Linderson, Brys Tolleman, Vennbir Kaladay,C.C. Windegren

Any resemblance between the character images and any person living or dead is strictly coincidental. These are artist portraits created by the authors to match their imaginings of the characters using Photoshop and/or DAZ3D.