Gingezel 2: Bad to Worse
The second book in the epic Gingezel sci fi series.

Cover of Gingezel 2: Bad to Worse science fiction novel Gingezel

5* Review at Barnes and Noble
"SEE MY REVIEW OF BOOK ONE IN THIS SERIES." The review for Book 1 is: "Where Do I Begin? This is like nothing I have ever read before. It is Sci Fi but no space battles or Alien monsters. It is character driven. Characters that you really care about who just happen to live and work in other galaxies. It is hard to explain why I am enjoying this series so much but I am well into the third book and still loving it.

Warning: Each book is a cliff hanger so be prepared to end up buying all four of them like I did."

Our thanks to all of our readers, and special thanks to those of you who take time to write a review!


Durstin Fallor could smell the stink of his own fear ...

Durstin Fallor could smell the stink of his own fear and feel the sweat running down his chest and back and thighs. It was a bad time to be sweating. Even with all of the equipment running in the room it was bitterly cold, and it was only going to get colder. Red blizzards on Drezvir only went from bad to worse. The last time there had been a chance to look outside visibility was zero again from the dust storm.
He remembered a professor once telling him that any crisis that lasted more than three or four hours wasn’t a crisis. It became normal operating conditions because the human body just couldn’t sustain an alarm state. The words had impressed him at the time, sitting in the security of a classroom. Now he could tell that professor he was wrong, dead wrong. Durstin was just as scared as he had been how long, how many lifetimes ago when the power went out?


It is always a mistake to say things can’t get worse. Dr. Mitra Kael is headed back to Drezvir to face the consequences of her reactor overpowering. Dr. Durstin Fallor, Chief Power Engineer on Drezvir, is struggling to save the mining colony in a red blizzard that just won’t quit. Dr. Dreen Pendi, CEO of Nemizcan Computing, thinks losing Mitra is a disaster until he hears the news from his friends who are lost in their personal hells. Chett Linderson, VP of Field Operations at Nemizcan, is the wild card in this hand.

When things go from bad to worse, does Chett have the strength to give up everything he has dreamed of and play the hero?

Science fiction by the Canadian husband and wife scientist author team Donald S. Hall, PhD., and Judi Suni Hall, PhD.
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ISBN 978-1-4661-1358-9 (Digital Version)
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ISBN 978-1484178300 (Print Version)
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Sci Fi Novel Gingezel 2: Bad to Worse by Judi Suni Hall and Donald S. Hall

Mitra Kael, heroing in the Gingezel Sci Fi series Dreen Pendi, hero in the Gingezel Sci Fi series. Joran Lantonnel, character in the Gingezel Sci Fi Series.
Ari Dellmaice, a character in the Gingezel Sci Fi series.Chett Linderson, hero in the Gingezel Sci Fi series Brys Toleman, hacker in the Gingezel Sci Fi Series
Clockwise from the upper left: Mitra Kael, Dreen Pendi, Joran Lantonnel, Ari Dellmaice, Chett Linderson, Brys Tolleman

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