Daron aka Superstud

Daron Soimvell plays first string center for Tamara and is team captain. He is one of the league's best players and has been inducted into the Galactic Sports Hall of Fame before he retirement, a rare honor.

Portrait of Octagla player Daron in the Gingezel SciFi

Daron is Tamara born and a favorite with the home planet fans. His nickname is for obvious reasons. He is heir to the Soimvell Interplanetary Shipping empire. In addition to being a major company at the galactic level, they ship all of the illegal drugs manufactured by drug lord Ghen Kulgalu.


Do what you do, Daron told himself. Nothing outside this court matters. Do what you do. All he needed ... okay! He had the face-off. Daron faked a pass then started up court himself with a fast twist and a burst of his jets to get past Cinnit.

Get Jaik and Bralin moving in on him. Good. Let Bralin get a little closer and … right. Ranga’s position is perfect. Daron passed and rolled with Bralin’s check.

Ranga netted the ball and took a course that looked like he was passing Jonagar to the center of the court.

Keep going Ranga, keep going, Daron mentally urged. No hesitation. That’s right. And, not a shot, a fast pass to Roban on the wall.

Yes! Only Roban could take a shot at that angle. Yes! They were in the game even if Ranga got his bell rung.

Forty seven seconds into the second period:
Pendrae United 5 Tamara 1

excerpt Octagla 1


There was a silence when Roban finished, then Daron said in awe, “So you actually stared down Cobyn Gadd.”

Roban shrugged. “What did you get me into, Daron? Why did Cobyn Gadd recognize me as something other than a player? I didn’t like what I saw in his face.” If it had been in an Octagla court and he saw that look on another player, he’d be watching his back for the next few games.

Good questions, Daron thought, and more accurately phrased as what trouble are we both in if Cobyn knows he’s being watched.

“Daron.” There was a warning edge to Roban’s voice as he stared down at his friend.

“I know, I know. I’m just figuring out where to start.” So I don’t lose my best friend, Daron finished mentally.

excerpt Octagla 1

Any resemblance between the character images and any person living or dead is strictly coincidental. These are artist portraits created by the authors to match their imaginings of the characters using DAZ3D.

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