Zloenni is a villain who appears in the various Gingezel novels. She is one of the galaxy's drug lords. Her home planet is Pendrae.

Zloenni portrait Gingezel Science Fiction


“You’re brooding Klarak.”
The voice was a soft, sexy purr with pure ice underneath. It suited the owner, a delicately boned redhead with a beautiful oval face, pointed chin, and the coldest cat-like eyes Klarak had ever seen. Klarak had always questioned his brother’s taste in women, and if Mark wanted his opinion, which he never did, this time he’d really overstepped what he could handle.
“That’s right Zloenni.”
Klarak looked indifferently in the direction of his hostess’s voice. She was wearing a green pareo tied at the waist and a scrap of a bra, both presumably in deference to him. He couldn’t see a hint of a tan line.
“Don’t let me ruin your tan. I don’t care what you wear - or don’t.”
Zloenni clenched her fists. If Mark didn’t get back from that business trip very, very soon she didn’t care how imprudent it was. She was throwing Klarak out. He was so insolent, so superior, so so ... Zloenni’s honest streak made one of its rare appearances. That handsome, intelligent, supercilious male was totally indifferent to her and he wasn’t homosexual. It was a reaction Zloenni hadn’t had to deal with since she was fourteen or so. She didn’t like it.
“Only if you join me, Klarak,” she purred.
Klarak didn’t take the bait. He resumed his study of the weave of the umbrella.
There was something in his expression that Zloenni didn’t quite like but she had trouble reading him. That was another thing she disliked about Klarak. Usually she could read and manipulate people. Like Mark. Mark was so straightforward compared to his brother.
Well, half brother if she was being accurate. Mark Laratte and Klarak Voroth shared a mother. Their mother had given both of them brunette good looks. Dark brown hair, fair skin, sexy eyes, medium height builds. And both men were well-built. But they differed. Klarak was taller, and somehow less angular than his older brother. Not soft. Oh no, not soft. But contoured differently. They were both smart too. Very smart. But Mark was open, aggressive, competitive while Klarak was inward, secretive, conceited. And right now, with that expression on his face, he was frightening her.
“Klarak. What are you scheming?”
It was on the tip of his tongue to say that it was none of her damned business, but she’d just complain to Mark. And that was the one thing Klarak didn’t want, trouble with his brother. He sat up.
“Something that should appeal to you, Zloenni. ‘Don’t get mad, get even.’”

excerpt from Gingezel 3: Fault © Gingezel.


The wait wasn’t long, and the face he saw was too well known. Alene Greenstone. Interesting that Rostin should have such immediate access to a non-Farrese lawyer, and this particular lawyer. Could this explain the large block of funding for Farolavo Power that simply could not be traced? Was the source Zloenni? Or was it simply coincidence that a little startup company had ended up using the same lawyer as that drug queen? The link was suggestive, Ceb thought meditatively. Zloenni was reputed to do some supplying to the Farr Sector while Kulgalu wouldn’t ship other than four or five legitimate pharmaceuticals. But then she’d always had more nerve than he did. Or it simply might be that Alene was an expert on Farr Sector legalities from covering Zloenni’s rear for her.

excerpt from Gingezel 4: Hacker © Gingezel

Any resemblance between the character images and any person living or dead is strictly coincidental. These are artist portraits created by the authors to match their imaginings of the characters using Photoshop and/or DAZ3D..

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