The intent of the character directory is to make it easier to pick up the series again as novels are released. Characters are listed both in the first name last name format (Mitra Kael) and last name first name format (Kael, Mitra) along with a brief description of the character. Minor characters are in small print. As we create them images are being added for the characters. Any resemblance between the character images and any person living or dead is strictly coincidental. These are artist portraits created by the authors to match their imaginings of the characters using Photoshop and/or DAZ3D..

Uth Korikofsky aka Papa Ikof, Jazz musician (horns). Currently in the Anton Band.

Vailliah, Kulgalu. Wife of Ghen Kulgalu

Vance Grelann. A security consultant who has been known to extend his services.

Vennbir Kaladay a character in the Gingezel Scifi series.Vennbir Kaladay employed at Nemizcan Computing in data entry. Hacker.

Vigell, Barranb. PhD.
Mathematician from Kytherial. An expert in chaos theory. Does Octagla simulations for his nephew Roban.

Roban an Octagla player in Gingezel Sci Fi.Vigell, Roban. Star winger for the Tamara Octagla team. Recovering from a shattered hand.

Voroth, Klarak. Exceptional computer scientist, hacker

Vuchon ,Martine, MEng. Fuel cells expert at Dellmaice Power Systems.

Wayd Meeran, MSc Computing. Nemizcan Hub Manager for Gingezel.

Windegren, Beti. TD. (Doctor of Terraforming). Terraformer. One of the elite asked to work on Gingezel. Plenata.

C.C. Windegren, a character in the Gingezel Sci Fi series.Windegren, C.C. TD. (Doctor of Terraforming). Terraformer. One of the elite asked to work on Gingezel. Plenata. Now working on Drezvir.

Windegren, Ceb. LLB. Senior member of the Interplanetary Judiciary. Plenata.

Witieral a galaxy class marathon runner and hurdler. Also an operative for the Interplanetary Judiciary on Ennup 10.

Wyntre, Mrs. Mother of two childern. Holidaying at Crescent Bay. Gingezel.

Yomatta Lloyd, expert on sensors for the Dellmaice Power Systems risk analysis team.

Thumbnail Zloenni a Gingezel character.Zloenni. One of the galaxy's drug lords. Resides on Pendrea.

Zouaf, Paulo. Galactic star as a jazz musician (strings). Currently in the Anton Band.

Alien pier digital art at Gingezel Sci Fi.

Alien Pier sci fi art Gingezel.

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