Roban Vigell

Roban plays inside left wing and calls the plays for the first string. He is a top scorer and is famous for his behind the back pass.

Roban, inside left wing Octagla player in the Gingezel sci fi series

Roban was born and raised in a farming community on the planet Kytherial. He was spotted by a scout while playing in their newly established university league. When he is not playing, he spends a lot of time with his mathematician uncle Barranb doing Octagla simulations.


From out of line of sight, Roban finished scanning the room. No one on the team was there. But it was quite possible the man having a hot beverage and those crusty nut rolls they seemed to like on Pendrae was the one Daron had called Cobyn Gadd. So what did he do now? Roban stood for a minute thinking. Before he interrupted Daron he’d better decide if this really was Cobyn Gadd.

Roban mentally compared his glimpse of the man to the image Daron had shown him. A mane of light brown hair, a slit to the waist tunic Daron said was Cobyn Gadd’s trademark, and a heavy gold chain with a medallion that must weigh a kilo. Daron had said Gadd always wore a chain and heavy medallion and it wasn’t a fashion statement. Gadd was very, very good with a chain in flight.

Sometimes Roban worried about Daron. Now, if this creepy guy was Cobyn Gadd in the flesh, he was really worried about Daron – and Ranga. Well, there wasn’t anything to do but to take a better look and make sure. Roban was reasonably confident Gadd hadn’t seen him in the few moments he had been in the doorway. Maybe his luck would hold now. He walked back to the door, his compad in his hand like he had just made a call.


Daron took the face-off and passed to Roban. Tamara had the power and control now. There was no need for strategy. Strength was what they needed. Rundell and Mercan on right and Ranga on left followed Roban in. Bralin and Sabian were there, Sabian setting up to help out Jonagar, Bralin crossing to support Ferdik.

Roban kept control, then when he was almost at the defensive mass ahead of him, he snapped a pass not to Rundell or Ranga, but to Daron who had hung back at center. This forced Bralin who was straying towards Ferdik back to center court. Before Ferdik could reposition himself, Daron passed to the almost clear Rundell.

Taking the shot hurt like hell, but Rundell almost got full velocity. Arrof got a piece of it, but that wasn’t enough. It went in high in the right corner.


Any resemblance between the character images and any person living or dead is strictly coincidental. These are artist portraits created by the authors to match their imaginings of the characters using DAZ3D.

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