Mitra Kael

Mitra is the heroine in the Gingezel series. She is an expert in reactor core energy distributions and designer of the hybrid reactor at Dellmaice Power Systems that is installed on Drezvir and overpowers. Mitra is bright, dedicated, driven, always on overdrive.

Poster of Mitra Kael, heroine of the Gingezel scifi series.

Her education is a PhD. in Power Systems Engineering with honors. She was born on Plenata and educated there, but ended up working for Dellmaice power on Pendrae.


While the space shuttle was waiting to launch, it had slowly turned to dusk outside. This was the time Mitra liked best on Drezvir. The endless folds of reddish stone and the bits of grit they called soil here, softened by just the odd streak of gray or green rock, or reddish lichen in low spots, was harsh and unsettling in daylight. With dusk the colors muted into lovely purplish shades. She twisted in her seat to get a better look, firmly telling herself to not get nostalgic just because she was leaving. As she watched, the lights went on in the habitat area, so many tiny pricks of brilliance against a distant hill. Mitra felt a surge of pride. Those were her lights.
Excerpt from Gingezel 1: The Limit © Gingezel

Mitra Kael heroine of the Gingezel Sci Fi Series.
Mitra on holiday on Gingezel after completing the reactor installation on Drezvir.

Mitra’s stomach started to knot. Ari never bothered to be polite except in a disaster.
He continued, “We have a problem and we need you back immediately, as soon as you can get a flight.”
“You what?”
Mitra was sure she was staring, but Ari was crazy. “You’ve got a whole staff of engineers down the hall to solve your problems and you spend hours to call me up and tell me to head for a spaceport?”
Ari forgot he was being polite. “None of their damned power stations blew up Kael! Why the hell I let you the talk me into pushing it like that I’ll never know, but you’ll get your ass here yesterday.”
Ari and the room weren’t focusing properly.
Mitra heard herself say very politely, “Would you please repeat that Ari?”

Excerpt from Gingezel 1: The Limit © Gingezel

Mitra Kael Gingezel sci fi heroine working on her reactor on planet Drezvir.
Mitra working on the hybrid reactor construction on Drezvir.

“You see,” Mitra explained, “you are essentially looking at an infinite set of possible core power configurations and you can’t simulate and analyze them all. You use a number of engineering guidelines - and experience - to define a set of most dangerous conditions and assume that rest will fall within this envelope. The concept is that if the system is safe for the nastiest cases, it’s safe for the others. Now I’m hating that word assume.” She sighed.
“But we installed the prototype of my reactor here. So the overpower envelope scenarios had to be based totally on simulations and extrapolations from other systems. You try to be conservative, to minimize the risk you missed something or cut it fine somewhere, but now ...” Mitra shrugged helplessly. “I’m going over and going over every last assumption to make very sure I didn’t screw up and get one of the overpower scenarios wrong, or just plain miss a dangerous case.”
“You’re using the word ‘I’ now. You did this, or you’re checking someone else’s work?” This sounded a lot more like theoretical analysis than like being a project engineer to Dreen.
“Me. If anyone is to blame for getting energy distributions wrong, it’s me. That’s my specialty - power distributions. That’s what Dellmaice Power Systems hired me to do initially, and that’s how the hybrid came about. I got this idea of a group of energy distributions that would allow more or less instantaneous load following in a situation like the mines here, where the need for power was up and down, all over the place.”
Excerpt from from Gingezel 3: Fault © Gingezel

Mitra Kael, heroine in the Gingezel Sci Fi series.

Any resemblance between the character images and any person living or dead is strictly coincidental. These are artist portraits created by the authors to match their imaginings of the characters using Photoshop and/or DAZ3D.

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