Mercan Oondo is Tamara born and has played inside right for Tamara all of his career. He is a popular player with fans. He is volatile, unpredictable, and fun to watch. He is an older player with maybe three years left.

Mercan, inside right wing Octagla player in Gingezel sci fi.

Mercan is also the son of Bruce Oondo, founder of Populus Robotics and a member of the Gingezel consortium. Mercan runs Vmooxa robotics with his partner Vi Xamre. Together with Joran Lantonnel and Jon Melcrist they hold the patents for the Think There Genie pilot assist software. Mercan works as a robotocist off season.


As he grinned and punched the air for his fans, got a louder roar, then mimed a shot on goal, Isley reflected that there were times when Mercan hadn’t quite outgrown the rich brat stage. His father, Bruce Oondo, was founder of Populus Robotics, the galaxy’s largest robot company, and Mercan tended to simply expect things to go the way he saw them. Like now, when he was blatantly playing up to the crowd to the visible disgust of the Pendrae United team. He’d pay for that.

Mercan was good, otherwise he wouldn’t be on the team. Fast and unpredictable with a short fuse, he caused about twice as many fights as any other two players on the team. But they blew over quickly. It was simply his style. If he took offense at something another player did or said, he simply belted him. The other guy inevitably took a swing or so back, but it rarely got dirty on either side. Usually they both got ten, and by the time they had finished sitting it out they had agreed to go drinking after the game. He would never win an MVP, but he had been in contention several times and Isley figured he had two, maybe three good years left.
Excerpt Octagla 1


Mercan had to really stretch and twist to net it. But the torque that twist gave him put Koji at a disadvantage unless he wanted to take the next penalty and leave Pendrae United two short for five minutes. He didn’t. Mercan was clear and going in on Ferdik alone.

Mercan didn’t have a good record alone on Ferdik this season, and they both knew it. It was probably that damned bet they’d had running all season. But what the hell! He came in fast on a blast of full jets with still enough torque that his trajectory was hard to judge. Even Mercan wasn’t sure where he was going. A change of stick side, another blast of jets, and he would be clear enough to get a shot off. And there was one good thing. On the times he did get past Ferdik, Mercan knew every weak spot Arrof had. He was clear! Mercan took his shot and found one of those weak spots.

The gap narrowed again to Pendrae United 10, Tamara 8.

Mercan swore under his breath in five languages. If he’d seen that goal coming, he’d have gone double or nothing with Ferdik that he could score. Then he was all grins as Bourara called Jaik for five and his team mates piled on him
Excerpt Octagla 1
Any resemblance between the character images and any person living or dead is strictly coincidental. These are artist portraits created by the authors to match their imaginings of the characters using DAZ3D.

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