Maras Sorrito plays first string defense for Tamara and is one of the Octagla league's toughest enforcers. He is coming back from a leg injury that threatened to end his career. He got forced against the goal net in a high momentum body jam in the playoffs.

Octagla defenseman Maras, Gingezel Sci Fi.

Maras Portrait Octagla Defenseman. Image created with DAZ 3D and Armatic.

Maras was born on Terra and grew up in a tropical megacity. He was discovered by a scout. Initially he shifted from team to team and had a reputation of being stupid, mean, and almost impossible to control. However Coach Isley has complete faith in Maras. He sees Maras as having the potential to be the first defenseman to go into the Octagla Hall of Fame as Most Valuable Player, not Most Valuable Defense.


Isley gave Kendrix a cold stare that went unseen since Kendrix was turned talking to his trainer. Kendrix was in the group of coaches who had taken advantage of Maras and almost ruined him. Between the facts Maras was mentally slow and he was indifferent to brutality, he had spent too much of his time in the Octagla court as an enforcer. As far as Isley could tell, Maras would do anything to stay in the galactic pro Octagla circuit. After all, his alternative was to return to the Terran megacity tenement he’d come from and try to exist doing manual labor.

Every now and again a player like Maras showed up. Isley could remember four others. They weren’t the children of the rich who could afford trips up and down to the space station just to learn to play. They weren’t the children of middle class professionals who caught someone’s eye and thereafter the family did what they had to for the kid to get training. They were lower-class people, identified by an educational athletic system as extraordinary. In Maras’s case it was his size combined with reflexes. He hadn’t had training. His school system couldn’t afford it. His learning had been playing enforcer in the minor planetary leagues.

Usually, like Maras, these men didn’t fit in. They played the game, banked the credits and kept to themselves. Then sometime in their late twenties they went home and lived a life beyond their wildest dreams. Isley worried about Maras. Unlike these others he wanted so badly to fit in.
excerpt Octagla 1


“Maras?” Isley asked.

Maras was busy thinking, so he ignored the coach. This were important, so he wanted to get it right. Isley, and Larr, and the rest of the team meaned good. They was saying Ranga played real good, and he did. He was also pretty sure, although they didn’t say it so good, that they was proud of Ranga for being an Octagla player and putting the drug stuff behind him. That were nice of them too. But Maras had a real problem with that because they was just plain wrong.
excerpt Octagla 1

Any resemblance between the character images and any person living or dead is strictly coincidental. These are artist portraits created by the authors to match their imaginings of the characters using DAZ3D.

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