Larr is the most seasoned veteran on the Tamara team. A journeyman utility player, he has played for most of the teams in the league. He is Surana born and started his career with them.

Portrait of Larr, Octagla player for Tamara in the Gingezel Sci Fil series

Larr is now an established player, but he had trouble settling into the league as he is overshadowed by his father Rall, the all time legendary roof runner.


“Larr, get out of my space,” Jaik growled.

“Not a chance,” Larr said. This was working. They had closed the gap, then Cinnit had got just plain lucky so the score was 10 to 7.

“I mean it Larr!” Jaik gave him a shove.

“You putting yourself out of the game again?” Larr moved right back in.

“No.” Jaik jetted off for a line change. Larr took the opportunity for a few fast words with Big Luis. If they could just get Jaik to lose his temper again …
excerpt Octagla 1


“I will not go out there and play one-on-one against my father!”

Coach Isley looked at Larr sitting on the bench, fully dressed for the game, arms crossed, legs outstretched and apparently quite prepared to sit there all night. “Oh yes you will,” he said in his best coach’s voice that allowed no opposition.

“Not a chance,” Larr said firmly. “Use Chan. He’s a utility player.”

Isley looked at Chan, a tall rangy oriental. He was half dressed and had stopped dressing to lean on a nearby wall and openly listen to the argument. The rest of the players were merely eavesdropping while finishing dressing. “Yes, and he’s a good utility player. In fact, give him another two years, and he might be a better one than you are. But he isn’t now. And that’s why you are the one replacing Roban. Face it, Larr. You and Ranga need this chance to play together in more than practice scrimmages.”

That was true enough, but Larr wasn’t about to back down. “I will not go out and play my old man,” he repeated.

excerpt from the Celebrity Game in Octagla 1


Any resemblance between the character images and any person living or dead is strictly coincidental. These are artist portraits created by the authors to match their imaginings of the characters using DAZ3D.

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