Joran Lantonnel

Joran is a major character in all of the Gingezel series, and has more than a cameo role in the first Octagla book. He is an over achiever, an unpredictable problem, intensely creative.
Joran onstage at the height of his career:

Joran Lantonnel onstage, a major character in the Gingezel Sci Fi series

At the time of the Gingezel 1: The Limit he is recovering from a serious drug problem that ended his pop superstar career as Anton. The death of his wife triggered the problem. He is Dreen Pendi's best friend since university days, and their lives have stayed intertwined. His academic background is MBA, MFA Music, BSc Honors Mathematical Physics. The planet Gingezel was his idea. If he hadn't been a musician, he would have been an astronomer.


“I made the revised albums here, and we deliberately – actually worked damn hard – to have them mask conversation. But the only reason we did them here is because this is where my equipment is now. I didn’t even think about it being Gingezel, or the Gingezel charter because –” Joran came to an abrupt stop, realizing what he had almost said.
“Because they weren’t meant for use there?”
“Joran, the appropriate phrase is ‘no comment’,” Dreen reminded him.
“No it isn’t.” Joran shook his head. “I was afraid this would happen if I opened my fucking mouth – no offense. I’m no good at this stuff, and I’ll say everything wrong."

excerpt from Gingezel 4: Hacker. Joran talking to the Interplanetary Judiciary re potential obstruction of justice charges.© Gingezel

Any resemblance between the character images and any person living or dead is strictly coincidental. These are artist portraits created by the authors to match their imaginings of the characters using Photoshop and/or DAZ3D..

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