Big Luis

Octagla defenseman for Tamara. His full name is Luis Enrique Rentia. Luis was born and raised on Azuramer.

Big Luis Portrait  an Octagla Player for Tamara in Gingezel Scifi
Luis has his MSc. in marine biology and intends to be a biologist when he retires.


Big Luis had been called Big Luis since he arrived in the league a total unknown from the resort water planet Azuramer. A scout on vacation there had taken one look at Luis’ size and had gone into a twenty minute reverie, ignoring the scenery. Then he’d said, ‘Are you coordinated or clumsy as hell?’

At the time Big Luis had been crewing a sailing boat as a summer job, having not won the job he wanted, doing some highly technical marine biology experiments for a professor he admired. In response he’d done a sharp turn that almost capsized the boat, righted the boat again, grinned, and said, ‘Is that coordinated enough?’ When the scout, who wasn’t a sailor, stopped shaking, he’d said, ‘You’ll do.’ The rest was history, Coach Isley thought with satisfaction. History shaped by himself and three All-Star retired defensemen he’d brought in to train Big Luis.

excerpt Octagla 1

Any resemblance between the character images and any person living or dead is strictly coincidental. These are artist portraits created by the authors to match their imaginings of the characters using DAZ3D.

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