Gingezel Sci Fi Series Character Directory

Individual pages are being added for the major characters.

The intent of the character directory is to make it easier to pick up the series again as novels are released. Please do not let the number of names in the A to E category make you think there are excessive characters to keep track of. (Well, there may be, sometimes even we get confused.) But somehow those were the letters we preferred for names.

Characters are listed both in the first name last name format (Mitra Kael) and last name first name format (Kael, Mitra) along with a brief description of the character.

As we create them images are being added for the characters.

Any resemblance between the character images and any person living or dead is strictly coincidental. These are artist portraits created by the authors to match their imaginings of the characters using Photoshop and/or DAZ3D.

binary sun art by gingezel

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