Drezvir is a recently colonized mining planet in the Farr Sector. It has low oxygen and a very dry climate. The only water is in polar caps and small seas. There are two moons, Sinnia and Cregget, both close enough and large enough to cause major perturbations and earthquakes are common. The single colony is run by the Farrese Mining Guild. A lot of the action in the Gingezel 1 to Gingezel 4 novels takes place here.

gingezel calvi settlement sinnia rising
The Drezvir Mining Colony at dusk with Sinnia rising. The planet will always be marginal, but a few of the minerals mined there are indispensable to the the high tech sector, so even though the amounts are small the colonization is worth the risk.

Drezvir in a red blizzard like the one Ginny is lost in. Gingezel Sci Fi.
A red blizzard, like the one Ginny gets lost in. They occur on a cold front. The temperature can drop from 0 to -45 over the course of 2 hours. In this image you can see the folds of the fault lines, and how easy it was to get lost.
Precious Water 2 Scifi art, planet Drezvir, Gingezel
This depicts the main reservoir for the mining colony. All water has to be imported and is rationed. The reservoir is covered to prevent evaporation.

Calvi fish farm construction Gingezel scifi
The fish farm terraformer C.C. Windegren established on one of the few seas on Drezvir shown at the construction stage.