GINGEZEL SCI FI ART: Exploring the Universe
by Canadian Artist Judi Suni Hall

Planetary Exploration sci fi art by Gingezel
Title: Planetary Exploration
An alien space ship captain approaches an uncharted planet on a mission of exploration. Original sci fi art by Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel. Made by creating then compositing images from Voyager and DAZ 3D in Photoshop, with post processing there.

Purple Crystal and Space Ships sci fi art by gingezel.
Title: Purple Crystal and Space Ships
No one has successfully approached the large metallic crystal structure. Is it alien, or has Ennup 10 finally created a means of mass destruction? Kim has agreed to be part of this try. The Interplanetary Judiciary hoped her Genie racing expertise might let her get closer. But it is time to pull out!