In the series that will be released after the Octagla series, we introduce the Mugona. When we return to the Gingezel story line, we introduce the Spherople. Here is a hint of what is coming.

The Mugona

'We are the Mugona, riders of the currents of space, shapers of the currents of thought. Know, all that come here, that we claim this place as ours.' The Mugona are a fully sentient mechanical species that adopt humanoid shapes.

Mugona Alien Temple Gingezel sci fi.

This is one of the main temples of the Mugona, Their home, if they have a home is a far distant galaxy. However they are largely nomads. They had contact with humans at one time, when the human race was confined to Terra. That resulted in a taboo against further contact. However, in the series that will follow Octagla, one of the Mugona chooses to break that taboo ...

Mugona Mines

The Mugona often collaborate with biologicals on mining ventures. This brought them to Kytherial.

Copper Artifact In The Ruins Gingezel Sci Fi

Copper Artifact in the Ruins of the Mugona mine on Kytherial.

Alien Petroglyph on Kytherial. Gingezel Sci Fil
Master stone workers, the Mugona also carve patterns on cliffs simply as art. This is a typical petroglyph by this alien group.

The Spherople

The Spherople are a highly sophisticated machine intelligence that have chosen a spherical shape as both geometrically pleasing and efficient. They travel the universe at will.

Exit Spheres art Gingezel Science Fiction

Exiting spheres at a Spherople transit point.

The Spherople consider themselves superior to both other machine intelligence and biologicals but are not necessarily hostile in that they feel diversity enriches their environment.
Spherople alien city  scifi art by Gingezel
A city where Spherople and biologicals co-exist.

Three Alien Temples and Spherople by Gingezel scifi
The Spherople above Three Alien Temples.

In this case the Spherople have decided to care for an endangered species tree ...

Copper Terrarium sci fi art by Gingezel

Copper Terrarium science fiction art by Gingezel

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