Selected Scientific Publications
Judi Suni Hall, PhD.

Fault Tree Analysis of the ZED-2 Safety System: Scope of Analysis
J.A. Hall
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited publication CRNL-2734. 1985 January

The Intelligent Safety System: An Update of the Development Program
J.A. Hall, H.W. Hinds, C.F. Pensom
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited publication CRNL-2685, 1984 June

The Intelligent Safety System: Could it Introduce Complex Computing into CANDU Shutdown Systems?
J.A. Hall, H.W. Hinds, C.F. Pensom, C.J. Barker, and A.H. Jobse
Proceedings of the 1984 Canadian Conference on Industrial Computer Systems
Ottawa, Ontario, 1984 May 22-24

The Intelligent Safety System: Philosophy of Testing and Demonstration
J.A. Hall and R.M. Lepp
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited publication CRNL-2413 1982 August

An Investigation of the Degree of Protection Provided by a Regional Overpower Protection (ROP) System for a General Neutron Flux by Means of Information Transmission Techniques. Part 1: General ROP System Design
J.A. Hall
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited publication CRNL-2260, 1981 September

An Investigation of the Physics of the Protection Provided by a ROP System for a General Neutron Flux
J.A. Hall
Proceedings of the 8th Simulation Symposium on Reactor Dynamics and Plant Control
University of Toronto, 1981 March 17 and 18
In attempting to base a ROP system on sound physics principles, one must adopt the criterion that protection is provided for every flux shape which can occur. Guaranteeing protection for a basis set of flux shapes only provides a necessary but not a sufficient condition that this criterion has been met. The general degree of protection can be investigated by looking at an expression for the neutron flux, and seeing how that information is transmitted by the ROP system algorithms. An actual solution for the flux is not intended, a formal expression for the neutron flux which satisfies the time-dependent transport operator can be used. A simple analytical example of how this technique permits choices between ROP algorithms is discussed to illustrate the technique.

Angular momentum sum-rule analysis of T= 1/2 mirror nuclei in the 2s-1d shell
J.A. Hall and I.P. Johnstone
Physical Review C. Volume 26, Number 5, September 1982
Empirical data from single particle transfer reactions on the stable members of T = 1/2 mirror pairs in the 2s - 1d shell are analyzed using sum rules to obtain information about the expectation values of the neutron and proton angular momenta, and spins of states in neighboring nuclei. The analysis provides estimates of ....

A Sum Rule Analysis of the T-1/2 Mirror Nuclei in the s-d Shell
Ph.D. Thesis in Theoretical Nuclear Physics 1980
Queen's University Kingston

Particle Core Coupling Model with Applications to Bismuth Isotopes
M. Sc. Thesis in Theoretical Nuclear Physics 1977
Queen's University Kingston

Judi Suni Hall, PhD at Gingezel

Prior to retirement Judi was a member of IEEE Reliability Society, CAP (the Canadian Association of Physicists) Theoretical Physics Division, CAP (the Canadian Association of Physicists) Industrial and Applied Physics Division, Canadian Nuclear Society, and WISE (Women in Science and Engineering)

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