Selected Scientific Publications
Donald S. Hall, PhD.

In Situ Calibration of Flux Mapping Detectors in an Operating CANDU Reactor
T.C. Leung, D.S. Hall and N.H. Drewell
Proc. 8th Annual Conference of the Canadian Nuclear Society, June 1987

Design of a Micro-Computer based Control and Data Acquisition System for a Transportable Industrial CT Scanner
D.S. Hall and T. Romanizyn
Transactions of the 1987 Annual Meeting of the American Nuclear Society

A Computer Controlled Travelling Flux Detector System for CANDU Nuclear Reactors
D.S. Hall and S. Shinimoto
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science NS-31, 749, 1984 February

Thermodynamically Self-Consistent Theories of Simple Liquids
I. A New Functional Derivative Approach to the Radial Distribution Function
Donald S. Hall and W. R. Conkie
Molecular Physics, 1980 Vol 40 No 4 909-915
A new functional derivative approach is used to derive an approximate integral equation relating the radial distribution function to the interaction potential of a simple liquid ...

Thermodynamically Self-Consistent Theories of Simple Liquids
II A perturbation Scheme for Systems with Purely Repulsive Forces
Donald S. Hall and W. R. Conkie
Canadian Journal of Physics, Vol 58, No 5, 1980 713-717
A parameterized perturbation scheme is derived for simple systems with purely repulsive forces ...

The Exact Fourth and Fifth Virial Coefficients of an Inverse-6 Potential
Donald S. Hall

Canadian Journal of Physics ,Vol
57, 1979
Numerical values are calculated for all of the four- and five-particle diagrams in the Mayer cluster expansion of the equation of state for an inverse-6 potential. These diagrams are then summed with the appropriate weightings to give accurate values for the fourth and fifth virial coefficients ...

The Pressure and Temperature Consistent Lennard-Jones Liquid
Donald S. Hall, W. R. Conkie, and P. Hutchinson
Canadian Journal of Physics Vol 56, No 6, 1978
An approximate theory for the radial distribution function of a homogenous system is presented that ensures consistency between pressure and compressiblity equations...

Thermodynamically Consistent Theories of Simple Liquids
Donald S. Hall
Ph.D. Thesis Queen's University 1978

A Self Consistent Fourth Virial Coefficient for the Lennard-Jones Fluid
Donald S. Hall
Masters Thesis Queen's University

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